Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can feel mind-boggling. It can be hard to figure out which platform to focus on, what content to post, how often and what time.

Element Media makes social media marketing simple, understandable and usable. We take on the task of figuring out the complexities of social media marketing, to help you easily connect to your customers.


Posting the right kind of content, at the right time, to the right people is one of the key factors of social media marketing. Quality content can create a loyal customer base, create new leads and increase your brand awareness. We research your target audience to learn what type of content they most want to see, and we can create that content for your company as well.


Every platform’s algorithm uses the amount of engagement your content receives to rank you on their platform. Each type of engagement, such as sharing, commenting, and liking means something different to each platform. Element Media has studied each platform and understand their current algorithms at play to help you create the right kind of engagement from your customers.


While content is the material that you share with your audience, context is story of your content, it is what provides value for your customers. Content without context does not engage your audience. A successful social media marketing strategy relies on the combination of context and content to create engagement from your customers.

Social Media Marketing Services Process

Audit social media audit Social Media
Goals & Audit
At our first meeting, we introduce ourselves and we learn what goals you have for your company in regards to social media marketing. From there we do a social media audit of all your profiles on all your current platforms.
Research customer research vector Audience Research During customer and audience research, we learn which platforms your customers are most active on, when they are most active, which content they best respond to and much more. campaign Campaign Development Here we present you and your company with our research, gather feedback and create campaigns based on the goals set by your company and our research implement Implementation Let the fun begin! We begin to apply the campaigns to your social media platforms through various social management tools.
track Tracking & Analytics During the campaigns we will keep track of the metrics and analyze the information for future social media campaigns.

Social Media Services


Element Media offers one day workshops on each of the current social media platforms. Each workshop details how to use each platform, who the target audience would be, what type of content to post, and how to create engagement.


Our social media marketing consultancy service is tailor made for each company. You can employ our services for a single campaign, 3 months, 6 months or longer. Contact us for more information about our consultancy services.


Element Media provides services for specific social media marketing campaigns, such as the grand opening of a business, a company rebrand, holiday marketing, and more.


We offer services to help companies create strategies and social media marketing plans that are tailored to their specific customers.


A forgotten social media marketing platform is emails and newsletters. These can be powerful marketing tools since the customer is already interested in your company. It gives a unique advantage over the other social media platforms.


We provide easy profile set up for your company on all platforms, which also includes company branding on each profile.


A service that is best accompanies with our content creation service. We help companies find, create and promote relevant content to their customers.


With this service, we analyze your current platforms, the content posted, what works, what does, as well as researching your target customer on that platform and present our research as well as suggestions for improvement.


This is one of our long term social media marketing services. We take the stress of managing your online community off your shoulders and we take on the management for you. Services range from daily management, bi-weekly management, monthly management, and more.