FunHall Website
Design & Rebrand

FunHall Website
Design & Rebrand

FunHall is an event center located in Viborg.

Fun Hall Before Rebrand

This website design and rebrand was in partnership with myself and other students from Erhvervsakademi Dania. FunHall is an event center located in Viborg. They offer packages for all types of events, and rent out event equipment.

As you can see from the previous website on the left, the color skeme was very gray. There is not much contrast, and the website was not user friendly.  Their content was their own photographs but the content was spread too thin, and the layout of the site was rather confusing for users.

FunHalls current target market was teenagers and young adults between the ages of 13 and 25. Marketing was mainly placed on radio ads, and some social media marketing.

Project Goals

Rebrand for a target market between the ages of 25 and 55.

Create an action orientated website that is responsive and user friendly.

Find a new and innovative solution to replace their current booking system.

We altered their current logo that was white text with the word “FUNHALL” to the logo on the left. The customer had no issue with changing the brand name from “FunHall” to “Event Ground.”

Event Ground was user tested and performed well with the new targeted audience of men and women between the ages of 25 and 55.

Our group also translated the logo colors onto the website. Our focus was on White, Blue and Orange. This combination tested well within the new market group, and was described as “active, movement, sporty, arena.” This was the style that the customer was most interested in pursuing.

FunHall New Logo

Custom Icons

Our group created custom icons in the new rebranded colors.

Custom Photography

Our group spent a day out at the location, photographing and shooting videos for the rebranded website.

User Friendly Information

We transformed the custom package information that was more user friendly and created a marketing tier.

FunHall Website Design and Rebrand

Each page on the new website has a video at the start of each video. This grabs the customers attention and hold it. We created videos that showcases some of the attractions available at FunHall. There is a call to action button at the bottom left corner of each video that is in the colors of orange and white. This stands out against the video and helps generate leads.

You are welcome to explore more of the beta version of FunHall’s website.