Save the Something was an experiment in product creation
and ecommerce website design.

Save the Something was an experiment in product creation
and ecommerce website design.

Ecommerce Website Design for Save the Something

The concept for Save the Something was originally a school project. The concept came about after trying to figure out a power message about climate change. During a brainstorm session, one of my colleagues didn’t hear what was said and wrote down “something, something, save the planet.” And that right there was gold! Our group could not get that out of our heads, and if we couldn’t get it out of our heads, maybe our customers couldn’t either.

We focused on creating three t-shirt designs, creating an ecommerce website and social media marketing. Although this project was soley for crafting experience in product design, marketing and ecommerce website design, we ended up selling one of our t-shirts. We consider this a success.

Project Goals

Create a product series.

Create an ecommerce website.

Explore social media marketing.

We focused on three type of designs. During our market research, a black box with white type was the most popular and opinions were split almost in half on the type being aligned to the right or the left. We decided to keep both alignments to appeal to a wider audience.

The brand and website was inspired by the company Cards Against Humanity. We wanted to create a brand based on humor, sarcasm and minimalism. We wanted the product to be the center focus of the website, which meant keeping the design, composition and layout of the website as simple and minimalistic as possible.

We used the product design as basis for the color choices of the website, with the black and white as the main focus and a bright blue as the accent color for buttons, call to actions, links, etc.

Ecommerce Website Design Save the Something Products

Mock Ups

Most of our photographs were stock mock up photos that we photoshoped our brand designs.

Three Messages

Save the Animals
Save the Planet
Save the Things

Humor and sarcasm

All product descriptions were written in a sarcastic tone as an extension of the brand.

Save the Something was a short term project
from Erhvervsakademi Dania that ended in June of 2019.