Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation of interesting content, promoting that content on the right platforms and knowing who you are writing for. Quality content can be the difference between content marketing success and absolute failure.


We at Element Media understand how important content marketing is and strive to create the best content for your company and your customers.

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Video content is more popular than ever before, and it gives an attractive return on investment. Video content increases the time spent on a website by 105%, the more time a customer spends on your website, the higher the chances of making a sale and creating a loyal customer.



Written content marketing includes blogging, ebooks, white papers, ezines and more. The greatest benefit of written content marketing is that they help your company gather information about new leads. This information helps to give better information on your target customers and a way to keep in touch with them.


Audio content marketing is a high underrated way to connect with your customers. Customers who enjoy audio content are typically part of a passionate culture that boosts brand loyalty. The average listening time has steadily risen over the last few years 17 hours of audio content per week. If you have never considered audio content marketing now is the time.

Content Marketing Process

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Blogging is an excellent way to improve SEO on your website and build relationships with your customers. The more valuable content provided, the more your customers will consider your brand when they want to make a purchase.


Video content marketing helps grab customers’ attention in all stages of the buying process. This makes video content marketing one of the best types of content for reaching and engaging with your customers, no matter what industry you are in.


Infographics help educate your customers about your business. It provides useful visual information that can add value to your current customers and any potential leads. Infographic content marketing can be used to explain a difficult subject, present information in an easier way or even just a diagram of one of your products.


Ebooks are a highly effective type of long-form content that can be used to provide value for current customers and collect information from new leads. With most ebook content marketing, the customer must provide some information about themselves in exchange. This creates valuable information about your target customer.


Podcasting fits wonderfully in a strong content marketing strategy. This form of content requires trust, loyalty and an audience that keeps coming back. Podcasting is a long term commitment that can create a strong, and loyal brand following from your customers.

Social Media

The content of your posts on any social media platform plays an important role in how your company interacts with new and returning customers. Each platform has its own special type of content that works, and the users of each platform are completely different. Element Media also offers services for companies looking for social media marketing as well as social media content creation.

Email Marketing

Email content marketing has many unique advantages to it. Your company already has customers interested in the subject, you are one step ahead. When used correctly, email marketing can leverage sales, generate new leads, and help with customer loyalty and retention.

Live Streaming & Webinars

Live streaming and Webinars are a fantastic way to connect one on one with your customers. Your customers become part of the storytelling in ways that enhance the customer experience. The improvisation and experimentation with live streaming content marketing make the company and brand more human, and customers are more willing to connect once the corporate veil has been dropped.

Content Calendar

A content calendar is a wonderful way to plan, create and promote tailored content to your customer. It simplifies and stream lines the content marketing process, so your company is less overwhelmed by the task of content marketing.