Brand Design

Branding your company, or a product can feel overwhelming and paralyzing.
But it doesn’t have to be. Here at Element Media, we take great care in creating lasting and iconic brands for our clients.

Our Brand Design Process

Intro Meeting

Our first meeting is getting to know each other. Learning what your company is about, what your goals are, what type of designs you like, what you don’t like and what type of image your company is looking for. We also establish project-specific details.


This is the most important part of the custom brand design process, researching the market, your customers, and your competition. This research gives us key insights into your niche market and your audience that we can use when creating your custom brand design.

Style Concepts

Here we take your input and the information we gathered from our research and start to sketch out ideas for your brand. We collect color schemes, fonts, photography, mood boards, etc to help convey the message your company wants to portray. We narrow down our designs to three ideas to present.


The review meeting is where we present the three brand ideas to you. We listen to your praise and critique, on the three brand ideas. We see which direction you’re going, which ideas you loved, which you were not so wild about.


Here is where we take your input and narrow down even more on the custom brand design you are looking for. We present you two designs at a second review meeting, and from that meeting, we create the final brand design.


When we deliver the brand design, we have a completed logo, mock-ups of how your branding will look, physical examples of certain items as well as a style guide for your employees and all the necessary files that your company would need. 

Why is Branding so important?

Branding is more than just a logo, it is the company’s entire personality. It represents a promise to your customers and your business, about what you can and will deliver. Branding is about creating the emotion you want your customers to experience every step of the way.

But the branding process can be complicated, it can get overwhelming for the best companies at times (think the New Coke disaster). Element Media is here to help make branding your company easy and iconic. We recognize the importance of understanding who your customers are and who your company is. We use this research to deliver an iconic, lasting brand that is durable and longstanding. 

Additional Services

Logo Design

We also offer custom logo designs for companies that do not want or need a complete branding package.

Business Cards

We love crafting custom business cards for companies that are innovative and extraordinary.

Marketing Products

Custom letterhead, banners, billboards, notepads, pens, pencils are included in this extra design service.

Package Design

Opening a package is an important part of the customer experience, a unique experience can make or break customer loyalty. Package design is a service we take seriously.

Product Design

The design of a product impacts how successful that product will be. We love helping to create user-friendly designs that are innovative and extraordinary to thrive in your market.

Style Guides

A booklet of information for your team members that gives guidelines on how your image is to be created, how to use your colors, or fonts, what is acceptable response behavior to an angry customer on social media, etc.